Xbox Live Sessions to feature Marlon Wayans

Actor, Comedian Marlon Wayans is going to be playing Destiny 2 as a part of Xbox Live Sessions Wednesday, Sept. 6 at 6 p.m. PDT on the Xbox Mixer Channel

According to Xbox Wire, the success of the first live stream, which featured musical artist DJ Khaled, they invited Marlon Wayans on the show to get a chance to interact with his fans and talk about his upcoming projects which include a TV Show called “Marlon”.

“Love the idea of interacting with both my fans and fans of Xbox.” Marlon Wayans said to Xbox Wire. ” Destiny 2 looks sick and look forward to trying it out while bringing some laughs and cool surprises to the audience during my Xbox Live sessions.”

Xbox Live Sessions is a new live streaming show that features celebrity guests who play games and interact with their fans. Fans also get the chance to participate in giveaways and see never before seen gameplay from future released games.

The list of celebrity guests has not been released yet, but if it continues to receive positive feedback the series will most likely proceed.


A look at Tokyo 42, made by SMAC Games

Tokyo 42 is a very visually appealing game where “you become an assassin and uncover a dark conspiracy that will affect everyone.”

The game is made by brothers Sean Wright and Maciek Styrchalski from Cape Town, South Africa and together they are Smac Games. This is their first game and by a first look, the game has its own distinct style.  It is referenced as the “the love child of Syndicate and GTA 1.”


The colors and style of future Tokyo are well displayed in this particular three-dimensional world. Despite its design, it manages to include elevation which requires the player to jump and climb to get to points to assassinate enemies. The levels are designed like something out of a puzzle game but it works for the design of Tokyo.

The game comes with a fully open world single player, but also a competitive multiplayer. The game has already been released for Steam and Xbox One and will be released later on for PlayStation 4. If you have played it let us know how you like it. Just wanted to show the game some shine.

The Importance of Backwards Compatibility and Retro Gaming

Throughout the years of gaming, there has always been one feature that is always asked for with the newer consoles. This feature is backwards compatibility. Before the Xbox One and PS Now, Gamers suffered without the ability to play their older games on their newer generation consoles, but now they have it. Despite this, people are doubting its actual usage, but it is more important now than it has ever been

Around the time of E3, a lot of news came out about gaming in the past. Sony Head of Sales and Global Marketing Jim Ryan spoke to Time about the future of PlayStation and the conversation goes on to them talking about backwards compatibility. “When we dabbed in backwards compatibility, I can say that is one of those features that is much requested but not actually used,”  Ryan said. “That, and I was at the Gran Turismo event recently where they had PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 games, and the PS1 and PS2 games looked ancient. Like, why would anyone want to play this?”

Afterward, ARSTechnica released a report showing that Xbox One owners use the backwards compatibility feature the least. “Only about 1.5 percent of more than 1.65 billion minutes of Xbox usage we tracked was spent on the 300 plus backwards compatible Xbox 360 games in aggregate.” The site continues on to say that Call of Duty: Black Ops is the most played game even competing with new games for the amount play time, but the numbers drop steeply from there.

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Backwards compatibility, and retro gaming, in general, is very important to gaming despite what executives feel about and what the numbers say. I included retro gaming as well because many people feel like Jim Ryan when it comes to the older gaming library. Why go back to the old when the new offers so much more? To all that feel this way the answer is because video games are an art form. One of the biggest debates of whether video games are art solved by our old games.

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Gaming has evolved from something very small, just like any art form, to complex creations of stories and whole universes.  It went from small lines and dots of each other to traveling around new worlds. This could have only be achieved if the people who made it wanted the world to experience it. Gaming essentially revolutionized storytelling and evolved to where people could feel the same way they feel with any other art form. The difference is that gamers go through the experience with the actual characters.

So why does this make backwards compatibility and retro gaming important? When Xbox announced that they were adding this feature to the Xbox One they opened up a library full of games that have been played but more those that have not. This allows people to play games they missed out on. Go ask any adult who likes to play games what games they wish they could have played when they were younger. Chrono Trigger and Earthbound are still considered two of the best stories of all gaming history, and a lot of people have not even touched them. Backwards compatibility and retro gaming essentially give you access to all of the art form that gaming has become.

This is why Xbox announced at E3 2017 that they were going to add the Xbox Original library to backwards compatibility. This is why Nintendo has an NES mini and is creating a SNES mini. This why PC gamers use emulators, and the reason emulators even exist. Also, the community can not forget how for two years, gaming had almost nothing but remasters come out for Xbox and PlayStation, and some of the games were not even three years old.

People love playing games no matter how old the games are. This is why retro gaming has its own culture full of people who celebrate it every day, and for years people ask and continue to ask for remasters and backwards compatibility. The Crash N. Sane trilogy just released the other day and made news about how much harder it is now. People just want to relive their old stories and try new ones, and that is what makes this important.


Why the Xbox Scorpio is the biggest thing to come to consoles

Apologies to all of the Nintendo Switch fans, but the Xbox Scorpio is the best thing that is coming this year for consoles. A bold statement, but for once, Xbox can defend themselves.

The Xbox Scorpio is supposed to be one of the most powerful consoles to ever be released. To say this about any console a couple of years ago, it would not have mattered. Look at PlayStation 3 around the time of its release if you want proof. Now the insides of the consoles are mattering more. PlayStation released the PS4 pro to compete with the PC which is a battle they should have never entered. Xbox is somewhat doing the same thing, but the right way.

Xbox is putting as much effort as they can into trying to make a powerful console that will run 4K resolution natively at 60 frames per second. This is very ambitious but smart. The gaming community has become more involved in the PC for a lot of reasons. This, in turn, has made the console companies take interest in them as well. The amount of Steam active users has been steadily increasing for years even to the point where they had caught up with the number of active users of Xbox Live. These companies have realized that and began coming up with ways to keep their users. Xbox responded with the Xbox Scorpio.

The reasoning it is the top console is because unlike Nintendo and their interesting concepts on how to game, Scorpio is a straight forward gaming machine. No gimmicks, just power. That is what put them over Nintendo. There will never be another successful console that was like the Wii because people are somewhat over it. People want to play games that push the limits of our imagination. The Switch will have lower barriers than the Scorpio.

The Switch will have characters that we know in bigger and beautiful worlds, but it will still get cheated out of every other game that will really push boundaries.Mass Effect will be a huge game, but will it be on the Switch? Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, will they be on the Switch? The question  is not supposed to insult Nintendo and their console making abilities, but it is a consumer question.

There is an obvious risk with the Scorpio, and that is the price. If the machine does what Xbox says it will do, it will not be cheap. In defense of Xbox, the family of consoles is set up to be that way. You have the cheap Xbox One. The more expensive yet inexpensive One S, and then the Scorpio. All games will be playable no matter what console version.

Xbox should still remain humble, as they have quite a bit of catching up to do. Things could turn in their favor if they continue to make their consumer happy and keep great games coming to the console. That is what will put them in the lead and put them at the top of the ladder.Nintendo is still huge competition, but Xbox has a chance to recover and they are going to take it.

Scalebound is a bigger lost for Xbox than they think


Scalebound was an action RPG being made by Platinum Games and it was a great looking game. It had a Devil May Cry style to it, cooperative play, and huge amazing bosses which are rare now and days. The cancellation had really come to a surprise to the gaming community.

The part that really bothered me was the reason which was to focus on other games. This would be fine if a majority of the games were not sequels. The one game that was not a sequel was Sea Of Thieves. Those sequels have their audiences and the people who wanted those games are going to get an Xbox One or either already have one.

So why write off something with so many positives? Xbox really needs new exclusive games and need them to last to establish characters the way PlayStation and Nintendo have. Also every exclusive gives them another buying point. Brand new games these days are practically being begged for these days.


This was a chance for a new character, series, and fans and maybe they realize that. Maybe not, but I hope Phil Spencer is really sorry about this one because the amount of backlash for this game is already high.

Stay prepared for this year everyone, it is starting out a little shaky.

The small things are mattering more


When the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 first released, we saw to gaming giants going head to head in a battle over the control of the gaming world. Now we have PlayStation 4, and the Xbox Scorpio and Nintendo Switch with an upcoming release. Now the smaller details are mattering more than ever.


To explain it better, the competition is at a point where everything matters. In one corner we have the PlayStation 4 Pro. A gaming machine meant to compete with the ever evolving PC. We have the Xbox One Scorpio. An all out machine that is meant to be the hardcore gamers go to machine. The Nintendo Switch an interesting device for the casual and the hardcore. I can’t include the PC because it is a universe of its own.


Things like native 4k and upscale 4k really make a big difference and it should. The gimmick of the Nintendo Switch is very appealing to someone that is casual. The fact the Xbox One S come with a 4k Blu-Ray  player is a major selling point. These things matter because it is not just the hardcore audience paying attention now. It has been like this for awhile and now the Gaming companies are taking notice.


Remember in the beginning, at the release of the systems there were talks about the not having the ability to play music in the background while you play and now  you can. There is also  now the ability to live stream straight from the console. You have the ability to change from game to game to movie within seconds. There are online stores to download your games, movies, and music to the console. There are all types of apps and even cable TV.

These are all great things that are really the not necessary but they have become features to have. To add them to the any of the machines out there would put any of them ahead.



Remembering where it all began:Dead Rising 

Dead Rising 4 is on the way with zombie killing action and exploration, so today is going to be a look back where it started. 

Frank West an aspiring journalist get a beat on a town called Willamette and sets out for an unexpected turn of events. As he enters the town via helicopter. As he was coming in he hops off the helicopter at the town mall. His pilot says he will be back in three days and that is where West’s adventure begins. 

Dead Rising has a long list of things that make it rememberable.

 It was one of the games that contributed to the original Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death. The original 360 would be overworked by this game and the insides would be heated up. It was certain parts in the 360 that would melt or become loose because of this. This is because of all of the zombies on the screen at once and at the time was an amazing thing. 

Which leads to the second part, this one of the first zombie games that had zombies completely surround you. The game has you surrounded by zombies for a majority of the game. For the time, this was an amazing thing pull off. 

 This game is difficult from the beginning ,and being level one never felt more like level one. The zombies are not even the biggest enemy in the game. Time is such a frustrating thing to have to race against. You have to try and save survivors, and complete main story missions on a strict time limit. If you miss the main mission it can lead to a game over or worse ending. 

The multiple endings were also an interesting part of the game. The only problem with that is that Capcom has these very specific things that they want you to do and to figure out to get to the other endings. 

Overall, Dead Rising is an amazing game and I am glad the series has made this far. I would go as far as to say it is one of the better zombie series out there. 

Dead Rising 4 will be released on Dec. 6