Rainbow Six hitting a milestone gives hope for the future.

Before Rainbow Six Seige was even released I wrote an article about if consoles were ready for multiplayer only games. I hesitantly said yes. The past experiences that I had during that time with multiplayer only games had not been great. Servers had been shut down because of company problems, and player counts would be up one week and would be extremely low the next. I was admittedly scorn by them, but I forgot how big Rainbow Six was.

Rainbow Six Seige has hit 20 million players with 2.3 million playing every day. That is an achievement so congratulations to Ubisoft. To maintain that and continue to move forward and keep putting out content for your players is what has kept you all going this far.

Rainbow Six Siege was released in December of 2015 with the bold move to drop their single player story mode to have just a multiplayer only game which worked out it in their favor. The game biggest attribute was its multiplayer despite both of the first two iterations of series including single player. Focusing only on multiplayer gave fans of the series hope that the multiplayer that it would be the best out of the series.


Ubisoft’s bold decision did also give hope to Gamers that other series would redirect their focus on specific parts of their games and now would be the perfect time to try. For instance Call of Duty.  No, they should not drop their single player because many people actually play it. They should, however, make Call of Duty Zombies its own separate entity instead of having a new version with every release. It would give them room to try different things and maybe have a huge success based on something that is very popular.


Rainbow Six Seige has done something that was huge. They took a chance and it worked but it couldn’t have worked without the dedication of the fans and without a dedicated team. Also, check out this trailer for their upcoming DLC for Rainbow Six called Operation Blood Orchid which has theme parked based maps.


‘A Way Out’ EA’s co-op fantasy they always wanted to make

You remember Army of Two? This was one of the few games that focused on cooperative play so it is just yourself and a buddy. The story of Army of Two focused on two private military contracted soldiers who work together to fight through war. In this game, EA introduced an agro system which put more of the focus on the player who was the more aggressive while the more passive player becomes essentially becomes invisible and able to flank the enemies. Army of Two became a historic third person action shooter that brought buddies together whether they were on the couch or across the world. They ended their cooperative series in 2013 but EA was not done with best friend co-op yet.

A Way Out is EA’s new 3rd person co-op action adventure game focused on the narrative of two convicts who are trying to break out of prison. The special thing about this game is that it can not be played alone forcing people into social interaction. Whether or not this is a good thing yet will be determined when the game is released.A Way Out is also doing something many games do not offer anymore which is split screen.


The game is being developed by Starbreeze Studios the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The story about the convicts, Leo and Vincent, is supposed to explore their background and their personality. It becomes team effort to learn more about the characters while trying to fight for your life.

The game will be released in 2018 and check out some gameplay while you wait.

A look at Tokyo 42, made by SMAC Games

Tokyo 42 is a very visually appealing game where “you become an assassin and uncover a dark conspiracy that will affect everyone.”

The game is made by brothers Sean Wright and Maciek Styrchalski from Cape Town, South Africa and together they are Smac Games. This is their first game and by a first look, the game has its own distinct style.  It is referenced as the “the love child of Syndicate and GTA 1.”


The colors and style of future Tokyo are well displayed in this particular three-dimensional world. Despite its design, it manages to include elevation which requires the player to jump and climb to get to points to assassinate enemies. The levels are designed like something out of a puzzle game but it works for the design of Tokyo.

The game comes with a fully open world single player, but also a competitive multiplayer. The game has already been released for Steam and Xbox One and will be released later on for PlayStation 4. If you have played it let us know how you like it. Just wanted to show the game some shine.

The Importance of Backwards Compatibility and Retro Gaming

Throughout the years of gaming, there has always been one feature that is always asked for with the newer consoles. This feature is backwards compatibility. Before the Xbox One and PS Now, Gamers suffered without the ability to play their older games on their newer generation consoles, but now they have it. Despite this, people are doubting its actual usage, but it is more important now than it has ever been

Around the time of E3, a lot of news came out about gaming in the past. Sony Head of Sales and Global Marketing Jim Ryan spoke to Time about the future of PlayStation and the conversation goes on to them talking about backwards compatibility. “When we dabbed in backwards compatibility, I can say that is one of those features that is much requested but not actually used,”  Ryan said. “That, and I was at the Gran Turismo event recently where they had PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 games, and the PS1 and PS2 games looked ancient. Like, why would anyone want to play this?”

Afterward, ARSTechnica released a report showing that Xbox One owners use the backwards compatibility feature the least. “Only about 1.5 percent of more than 1.65 billion minutes of Xbox usage we tracked was spent on the 300 plus backwards compatible Xbox 360 games in aggregate.” The site continues on to say that Call of Duty: Black Ops is the most played game even competing with new games for the amount play time, but the numbers drop steeply from there.

made and provided by https://arstechnica.com/

Backwards compatibility, and retro gaming, in general, is very important to gaming despite what executives feel about and what the numbers say. I included retro gaming as well because many people feel like Jim Ryan when it comes to the older gaming library. Why go back to the old when the new offers so much more? To all that feel this way the answer is because video games are an art form. One of the biggest debates of whether video games are art solved by our old games.

m v s

Gaming has evolved from something very small, just like any art form, to complex creations of stories and whole universes.  It went from small lines and dots of each other to traveling around new worlds. This could have only be achieved if the people who made it wanted the world to experience it. Gaming essentially revolutionized storytelling and evolved to where people could feel the same way they feel with any other art form. The difference is that gamers go through the experience with the actual characters.

So why does this make backwards compatibility and retro gaming important? When Xbox announced that they were adding this feature to the Xbox One they opened up a library full of games that have been played but more those that have not. This allows people to play games they missed out on. Go ask any adult who likes to play games what games they wish they could have played when they were younger. Chrono Trigger and Earthbound are still considered two of the best stories of all gaming history, and a lot of people have not even touched them. Backwards compatibility and retro gaming essentially give you access to all of the art form that gaming has become.

This is why Xbox announced at E3 2017 that they were going to add the Xbox Original library to backwards compatibility. This is why Nintendo has an NES mini and is creating a SNES mini. This why PC gamers use emulators, and the reason emulators even exist. Also, the community can not forget how for two years, gaming had almost nothing but remasters come out for Xbox and PlayStation, and some of the games were not even three years old.

People love playing games no matter how old the games are. This is why retro gaming has its own culture full of people who celebrate it every day, and for years people ask and continue to ask for remasters and backwards compatibility. The Crash N. Sane trilogy just released the other day and made news about how much harder it is now. People just want to relive their old stories and try new ones, and that is what makes this important.


Call of Duty WWII needs to increase its player count

Call of Duty is returning to the World War 2 era and that is actually a great thing. The community misses the boots on the ground gameplay after only a few games of moving into the future, but Battlefield went to the past first taking some of the Call of Duty fans.  Call of Duty could return and not change anything and make a regular COD game with regular COD multiplayer, but they could do something different. They could do something so different they could change the COD franchise forever and maybe compete with Battlefield again.

Call of Duty needs to increase player count and it is very unlikely that they will now since the competitive scene has established it as six versus six sport. That still does not make this less true. Battlefield massive player count gives a player a feeling of battle and war. You have a true feeling of success when you run through any area with teammates and take it over. Battlefield 1 delivered what the competition could not do and did it well.


This is a return to what the original Call of Duty series was. There have to be bigger changes than just the things that change every year it has to be something different. The series has lost a lot of its fan base in exchange for something different that not a lot of people wanted. Also, there is a lot more competition this time around as well, especially in the multiplayer aspect.

In a way, this is Call of Duty time to make significant changes and do things they could not do originally when the game first became what it was. The series made history and has literally run through a whole timeline. The player count suggestion is a small one but it can change the whole series. That is why they should change it. Not just because it would make things different, but It is their time to do everything a little better. Maybe it will trickle down to the rest of the series. The community could only hope though.

Going back to where it began: Mass Effect

There has been a bag of mixed views of Mass Effect Andromeda and well that is to be expected. This is the first game in the series where the player has free control to roam around the larger universe that is Mass Effect.

In the beginning, before the reapers and before the Illusive Man, there was a Turian named Saren. Saren was your first enemy and the first threat to the galaxy. Commander Sheppard was then assigned to track and take down the rogue specter and this is where your story really begins.


Saren the first bad guy


Mass Effect is one of the games that had etched itself in history. This was one of the first few games that released that had choices which dramatically affected the story. The decisions you make in this story will affect how the whole series was shaped.  This gave it huge replay value. The core story is the same, but everything else changes. The characters your own personal team because of the interactions with them. The choices to even have a relationship with these people is up to you.

The characters your own personal team because of the interactions with them. The choices to even have a relationship with these people is up to

Ashley from ME1

you. Romantic interest whoever is chosen made more personal because of the dialogue options and helps you form a more meaningful relationship.The combat was good for its time. A cover based combat system, but that is not what makes this combat good. The team combat system where you can choose and map the actions for your team gave you strategic control over the battle.  The RPG elements add to the combat as you become skilled in only specific weapons, biotic and tech abilities.



The weapon system is probably the most frustrating thing to deal with. It was a very complex system for no reason. Also, the animations and the movements were clunky and slow. Going through the citadel, in the beginning, is painfully slow if you are uninterest but it does have its great moments. The mako drives like a baby that does not want to go to sleep. The cannon, the most useful weapon in planet exploration, is not told to you by the help tutorial. Planet exploration is hit and miss but the missions that were on the planets were very solid. Most of them had the same setup with different individual stories which made it worthwhile to go through. Driving the mako did make it feel like an awfully slow experience.


Mako driving into the night



The best thing about this game is the story and it is the reason why this series has lasted so long. Like previously mentioned before the dialogue wheel added dramatic changes to the story so much so that playing through the another time will result in a completely different detailed story every time. This is a real adventure to where you really end up hating certain characters and are forced to do things you do not really want to do. You become in a position of high power to get free reign to go across the galaxy just to get hammered with more politics and decision making. Some of the decisions you are forced to make will jeopardize your relationships with your team. This is a very ever changing story.


Mass Effect is one of the best series to date. The characters are amazing, the story is intense, and the gameplay is fun. Despite how Mass Effect Andromeda is, it will not affect how great the series is.


Will Nintendo ever be included in the competition again?


I have not given up on Nintendo, but the day they come out with something that is brand new and worthwhile that is not one of their many beloved characters will be the day they will be included in the conversation again. Nintendo had created their own lane with the Wii and essentially buried themselves at the same time. The Wii had was one of the most selling consoles of all time and that seems to be its biggest accolade.

To answer the question in a better fashion Nintendo can not and will not compete with Xbox or PlayStation because they are still in their own world and should they even leave? Yes and no. They should because Nintendo has reached a point where they are really just trying stuff and hoping that it works. They are at the point where Apple is right now. Where they have added a touch bar to replace your top row on your keyboard and have the audacity to call it innovative.Nintendo is stuck in a terrible position. They can either continue with the mix of trying to be innovative hardware at the sake of losing the hardcore gamer, or they could go for the hardcore crowd. They could go for a powerful console and then afterward focus on making new IPs and better games.


At this point though it seems there is no coming back and they should continue doing what they are doing.The Switch is a very interesting product in a way that it is trying to appeal to the hardcore and casual consumer. Only time will tell if it will work. The Nintendo Switch will not be the thing that changes that. As matter of fact, that only solidifies them in their own position. This is actually a good thing for them as they are somewhat free of consumer influence. Nintendo has done their own thing since they started and will probably continue to do it no matter how different the products are.

People will still buy it and because of this Nintendo does not have to stay in the loop. They do not have to fully compete in the so-called console wars and worry about coming out on top. They found the audience and will continue to provide for them the best they can. As for them going into the mobile gaming market is a whole different story for another time.