Information about the new Assassin’s Creed game might have been leaked

Ubisoft just announced Assassin’s Creed will be premiered at this year E3 and the highly anticipated title comes after the main series took a break. Recently a Reddit user did an AMA (ask me anything) revealing a lot of possible information about the game.  The AMA was taken down but Reddit user Ghost_LeaderBG took some of the answers from it copied them and reuploaded only the relevant and important answers on Reddit.

Here is some of the list:

  • First Trailer on Friday, will be reveal trailer
  • First gameplay at E3 + a CGI trailer
  • Charlotte will be the MD protagonist
  • “Balek -> Rift”, ” Shed -> MC”
  • “Desmond will be in the game – maybe not the way you would imagine”
  • Greece was cut off from the game
  • The story has 11 sequences, will last around 20 hours
  • The map is 3 times the size of Black Flag, will have Egypt + Mediterranean Sea
  • “Assassin´s Creed: Origins” is the official title of the new game.
  • The game will take place in Roman Egypt, we will have smaller rifts that take place “way before that”
  • The rifts are going to be comparable to the one in Syndicate and will be “closed” open worlds.
  • The main campaign takes place in “100/200 AD Roman Egypt”
  • The combat is “a slightly better version of Witcher 3”, will be way more tactical than previous AC titles. “5% old animations – 95% new animations.”
  • Parkour is really smooth. Compared to other the AC games will be “AWESOME!”
  • Graphically the game will be “Really good, but not as good as Horizon e.g.”
  • There will be sailing
  • Gameplay mechanics will be closer to Unity
  • When asked about Juno the leaker repeats “expect the unexpected”
  • “Baled” and “Shed” have something in common

If you want to see the full list click here


Also, these could very well not be true. Reddit User Ghost_LeaderBG stressed to take it with a grain of salt and as it should be. This Assassin’s Creed might be the new generation story that the community has been waiting on and this is definitely something to be excited for, but only time will tell if all of this is confirmed.


My most rememberable gaming moments from 2016.

I have always paid attention to many websites that have gaming news and content and well it has been interesting this year. So here my are some of moments from the year that are not necessarily good or bad.

1.New Consoles

This was first up mainly because we have new systems being already and it has not been that long, or either it has and I have just been moving aimlessly throughout the year. The Xbox Scorpio, PS4 Pro, and the Nintendo Switch are all new consoles and one of them is already out. Whether this was a good idea or not we all will later find out.

2. No Man’s Sky and the dangers of hype

No one can personally blame Hello Games for the disappointment that was No Man’s Sky, but the people got overly excited about a small team with a little too much ambition. The average player was excited to journey to the center of the Earth in their own personal space ship. Maybe have a few friends along for the journey as you take on random people and enemies in the universe. Almost every gamer had a little too much faith in the indie developers and ultimately it was too much. They are still updating the game but is it too late for it now? A lot of people learned the lesson of following bandwagons and really just being cautiously optimistic.

3. VR hitting consumers

Every Virtual Reality thing came out this year and it has been somewhat fun to people around the internet looking goofy with these things on. VR is very cool even in its somewhat early stages. Me personally I would not buy one now but I would like to try one out.

4. PlayStation Network being down

I have no problem with Sony but please get it together. It became funny after awhile because no one was shocked anymore, but still. Sony needs to do better.

5. Lionhead studio closing

The creators behind Fable and one of Microsofts studios closed its doors and it is always sad when a studio closes its doors. I was really looking forward to them making a next gen fable because the world is amazing. Also, the cancellation of Fable Legends is a big loss to the people who were waiting on it. Lionhead will be missed.

6. Two big series hitting the big screen

Ratchet and Clank and Assassins Creed got movies and I haven’t seen either of them. It is still great that these iconic series got a chance to attempt to try despite the video game movie curse. I hope these movies did the series justice.

These are just a few on the top of my head and might do a part 2 but I hope you enjoyed them.


Did the Assassin’s Creed Series destroy itself?

It has been awhile since I have played an Assassin’s Creed game.Ubisoft has taken a break on their main annual series. The fourth game in the series got mixed reviews and many said that Assassins’s Creed Unity was a technical mess.

Anyways, it has been awhile and I feel bad. The series,  once upon a time, was one of my favorites. The story was great and the characters were good. Overall it was a solid series. Then they turned it annual.

It was fine at first, then it became the same every year. Game play is is fun, but there is not much they can add besides different missions, different types of game modes, or small amount of detailed things. The multiplayer has became a staple in the game and Ubisoft has to continue adding more content to balance it in the game.  With it coming out every year, they continued Ezio’s story but after that they moved on the Assassin’s Creed 3.

The ending of Assassin’s Creed 3 which is when the series story really ended.  The question now is where do they go?

I think that is where the issue lies. The war between the Templars and Assassins is now bigger than ever so the ideas can still be there. There can be another Animus user like Desmond that can be followed. The series still has a lot of potential. I almost forgot that a movie was coming out so there are still story ideas.

I really look forward to what they are going to do next with the series because now they have had a break. Also, Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed are technically all in one universe so they could keep it going in some type of form.  If they wanted to change the game play they can get ambitious, and start doing different things that might be frowned upon but do it anyway.

It is just now finding the narrative and continuing on with it.