A Joker Origin Film Is Not a Good Idea

For almost 80 years, the famous comic book villain, Joker, has been shown in many different varieties  through many sorts of medium such as comic books, film, television, and video games; all portrayed in a different way by the artists and actors.

Some people say he’s known as one of the best villains ever written and has helped change the way writers create characters. Some people also love the mystery about him by having little to no history known about him. Well that’s soon going to change.

Deadline reported Tuesday that a Joker origin movie is in the works. Warner Bros has set Todd Phillips (The Hangover) and Scott Silver (8 Mile) to write the script. Phillips will direct the film with Martin Scorcese producing. This will be the first film where WB will expand the DC canon and make unique storylines with different actors playing DC characters, meaning this film will have nothing to do with the current DC movies.

It has been reported earlier that Jared Leto will reprise his role as the Joker in Suicide Squad 2 and the Harley Quinn spinoff, and since they’re going to get a different actor for this origin film, it means we’ll probably see a younger actor play the character.

Hollywood is now at that point where two actors will play the same character in two movies, and both will have nothing to do with each other timeline wise. It’s another way for them to take our money.

Doing this is a risky business move. WB might be able to get half a billion dollars just because it’s technically a comic book film, but if the final product isn’t good then there’s nothing left for them. This will already confuse many people who aren’t aware of the news. You might hear, “Why are there two Jokers in Gotham now?” This can also take the fun away from the beloved character.27F5FF0200000578-3054834-image-a-10_1429926377124

One of the great things about the Joker is not knowing about his origin. We don’t need to know about it, especially if it has no involvement with our current films. Though the Joker does tell his origin in the comic book, The Killing Joke, it doesn’t mean that’s what really happened. At the end of the comic book he says that his story is “multiple choice.”

In The Dark Knight, the Joker played by Heath Ledger, tells different stories on how he got his scars, which helped add the mystery to the character. We saw how the Joker was made in Tim Burton’s Batman, with Jack Nicholson playing the role, but that was a part of the story that effected the characters and outcomes to everyone’s arcs.

If WB decided to make this canon and be a part of the DCEU, then the idea wouldn’t be as bad. It would actually fit Leto’s Joker. Deadline also reported that film would take place in Gotham city around the early 1980s and have the tone of a a gritty crime film. Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad fits that gangster / top of the chain villain. So then why is this not canon?

It seems like this is happening because of the backlash WB has been getting for their DC films. Though Wonder Woman was a good film, it’s still clear WB doesn’t know what to do with this franchise. This news makes it sound like the studio isn’t confident in the direction their cinematic universe is taking and they don’t have faith in Jared Leto as the Joker, who has disappointed fans by his performance and the amount of screen time he has in Suicide Squad.

There are many other stories WB can do with the Joker if they ever want to make a movie about him. The studio has plans to make a Harley Quinn spinoff and that’s going to involve the Joker so that has potential of having an interesting story. There are plenty of comic books to get inspired from.

Who knows if this will even get turned into an actual movie. WB has announced so many movies without an official date. The only movies we’re aware of that’s made progress and will be seen in theaters is Justice League, Aquaman, and a Batman and Flash film eventually in the future. WB says their next DC movie they will start filming is Shazam, but that’s still a bit of a ways. If we ever see this Joker origin film come to life, let’s just hope it will be a shocker and offer something new to film.


Short and Simple Film News: Tom Hardy to Star in “Venom”; New “Aquaman” Image

Here are some of the top movie stories that came out this past week. Despite this week being a slower week compared to others, there were still some good stuff that were announced or revealed.

Tom Hardy Stars in “Venom” with Ruben Fleischer as Director

venomTom Hardy is in final negotiations with Sony to star in “Venom” with Ruben Fleischer, director of “Zombieland”, to direct. Sony is serious about this and wants it to be done as soon as possible with it being set to open Oct. 5, 2018. Sony tried to make a universe set around Spider-Man characters with “The Amazing Spider-Man” films, but wasn’t able to do so. Sony is rebooting the franchise, again, with “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. Even though it is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony has said that they will eventually depart from this and start focusing on it’s “Spider-Verse” with “Venom” being the first to come.  


“The Disaster Artist” Gets a Release Date


“The Disaster Artist” was picked up by A24 and set to open on Dec. 8. The book with the same title tells behind-the-scenes stories of the widely popular film, “The Room”, a movie that is known for being so bad it’s good. The release date and movie studio has now made this film earn a chance being talked about in the Oscar race since A24 recently won best picture at the last Oscar show with “Moonlight”. The film features James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Bryan Cranston, Zac Efron, and more.


New Image of Amber Heard as Mera

meraJustin Lin revealed on his Twitter the first look of Amber Heard as Mera in “Aquaman”. Zack Snyder revealed an image of the same character back in October 2016 for the director’s upcoming film “Justice League”, yet these two costumes seem pretty different. The film will also star Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman, Ludi Lin, Willem Dafoe, and more. The film will come to theaters December 21, 2018.



First “The Emoji Movie” Trailer is Released

Sony Animations has decided to make a film about emojis. Yep Hollywood is that desperate. The first trailer is now up with already lots of backlash. As of now the trailer has over 34,000 dislikes on YouTube. The movie features T.J. Miller, James Corden, Stephen Wright, Maya Rudolph, and Patrick Stewart. The film hits theaters on July 28.


Jordan Peele Will Not Direct Live-Action Adaptation of “Akira”


While speaking to Blumhouse.com, Peele confirmed he would not direct the live-action adaptation of “Akira”.

“I think (I could do it) if the story justifies it. ‘Akira’ is one of my favorite movies, and I think obviously the story justifies as a big a budget as you can possibly dream of. But the real question for me is: Do I want to do pre-existing material, or do I want to do original content? At the end of the day, I want to do original stuff.”

Other directors are currently being rumored to direct the adaptation. “Life” director Daniel Espinosa and director of “Lights Out”, David Sandberg are in talks right now. Christopher Nolan and Justin Lin have also been rumored to make direct the movie. Development on “Akira” was halted after the commercial and critical bomb of the most recent anime-to-film-adaption, “Ghost in the Shell”.


New “Hellboy” Poster Revealed

hellboy.jpg“Hellboy” is getting a reboot and the first promotional poster was shown at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The film will feature David Harbour, “Stranger Things”, as the titular character and will be directed by Neil Marshall. There’s no release date for the film, but it is rumored that production will start later this year.