Kim Kardashian says people should get over Jeffree Star’s racist past

Jeffree Star, a singer and make-up artist tweeted his criticism of Kim Kardashian’s new KKW Beauty swatches kit.


When Kim K’s fans caught wind of Star’s negative comments, they defended Kim by addressing Star’s usage of racial slurs.

In 2016, a YouTube video exposed Starr and the racist statements he made about Hispanics and African Americans.

In the video, Starr said, “I win by having diamond rims, you win by being a poor Mexican.” “Shut up, you f*cking n**** b*tch.” and “You stupid ape.” among many other cruel words.

When Kim K saw that her fans were calling Star out for being racist, she posted a Snapchat video. In the video, Kim thanked Star for his honesty and told people to overlook Star’s racist “past.”


“I get that it’s a serious deal if you say like, racial things, but I do believe in people changing and people that apologize, I will give them the benefit of the doubt,” Kim said via video.

Kim also said she doesn’t defend people who are racist and is against it, but she will give someone the benefit of the doubt if they claim they have changed.

After Kim posted the videos, social media users called her out for basically condoning Star’s actions and telling people to get over his racism.

When Kim became aware of the backlash her comments created, she posted an emotionless apology on Snapchat.

Kim’s attempt to apologize for defending Star failed and only created a deeper hole for herself.

In the video, Kim said she is naive to racism, which puzzled many since she is married to Kanye West, a black man, who also fathered her two children, North and Saint West.

Since Kim is the wife of a black man and the mother of biracial children, it would seem that Kim should know firsthand about racism and not defend someone who says racist things about African Americans.

It would also seem logic for Kim to not believe that Star has changed his racist ways, since he recently posted a picture on Twitter with the caption, “Hood b*tch.”

But things are not always what they seem, right?

With the presence of Kim Kardashian’s antics and Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s t-shirt lawsuit, it seems that many will no longer be keeping up with the Kardashians.





Cardi B addresses accusations of being racist

The Bronx native was put on blast when Twitter user @WokeMutant composed a thread of tweets of Cardi B calling dark skinned women “roaches.”

Cardi’s tweets were clapbacks to users who tweeted negative things about her.

When Cardi B became aware of the thread and backlash, she explained her reasoning behind the usage of the word.

Her explanation failed to please @WokeMutant because he continued his rant.

“She needs to ask herself why she only addresses black women online as roaches never light ones or dark men,” the user said. “Using the excuse of oh it’s a New York thing (calling other women roaches) is poor.”

Despite the criticism of Cardi B, other Twitter users were unphased by her old tweets.

Cardi B also seemed to be unbothered this morning when she tweeted lyrics from her single, Bodak Yellow, which is #14 on the Billboard charts.


‘A Way Out’ EA’s co-op fantasy they always wanted to make

You remember Army of Two? This was one of the few games that focused on cooperative play so it is just yourself and a buddy. The story of Army of Two focused on two private military contracted soldiers who work together to fight through war. In this game, EA introduced an agro system which put more of the focus on the player who was the more aggressive while the more passive player becomes essentially becomes invisible and able to flank the enemies. Army of Two became a historic third person action shooter that brought buddies together whether they were on the couch or across the world. They ended their cooperative series in 2013 but EA was not done with best friend co-op yet.

A Way Out is EA’s new 3rd person co-op action adventure game focused on the narrative of two convicts who are trying to break out of prison. The special thing about this game is that it can not be played alone forcing people into social interaction. Whether or not this is a good thing yet will be determined when the game is released.A Way Out is also doing something many games do not offer anymore which is split screen.


The game is being developed by Starbreeze Studios the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The story about the convicts, Leo and Vincent, is supposed to explore their background and their personality. It becomes team effort to learn more about the characters while trying to fight for your life.

The game will be released in 2018 and check out some gameplay while you wait.

A look at Tokyo 42, made by SMAC Games

Tokyo 42 is a very visually appealing game where “you become an assassin and uncover a dark conspiracy that will affect everyone.”

The game is made by brothers Sean Wright and Maciek Styrchalski from Cape Town, South Africa and together they are Smac Games. This is their first game and by a first look, the game has its own distinct style.  It is referenced as the “the love child of Syndicate and GTA 1.”


The colors and style of future Tokyo are well displayed in this particular three-dimensional world. Despite its design, it manages to include elevation which requires the player to jump and climb to get to points to assassinate enemies. The levels are designed like something out of a puzzle game but it works for the design of Tokyo.

The game comes with a fully open world single player, but also a competitive multiplayer. The game has already been released for Steam and Xbox One and will be released later on for PlayStation 4. If you have played it let us know how you like it. Just wanted to show the game some shine.

The mystery that is the Atari Box

Atari is returning with a new console and it looks interesting they just recently released new pictures for the console and a teaser trailer for it. The only problem is that nobody knows anything about but that might be a good thing.

This is thing has been the most mysterious thing to come out of the gaming world in a long time. A few details have been let out by the Atari team via press release. The console will include 4 USB ports, HDMI, and a sd card slot. There will be two versions, a black/red edition, and a wood edition.

The games it would play would, of course, would be the classic Atari games, but according to them, they are going to have it play modern games as well. To read the entire press release click here.


images from Atari


I am very excited and fearful for this mystery machine but it is a good feeling for the future. The way the Atari team sounds they seem very excited about it and seem to be trying their best to get it right. This is the exciting part. What’s going to happen to the gaming industry? Is there a big competitor or the rise or another failed attempt to come at the big 4? Atari has a chance to come make history a second time and the best part about it that we do not know anything.


Images from Atari


Before our constant stream of news and leaks, Gamers had to wait and be surprised about new games. That feeling has come back with the Atari Box and it works very well. This also gives them the chance to develop games again on a bigger and massive scale. There is a lot that can come from this company.

There is a fear that they will do it and it will not meet expectations,and it will not be able to keep up with the modern expectations of the new generation. It is possible it will not be able to keep up with these new consoles because various reasons. Atari has not made anything in a long time and hoping that they have not lost might not be good enough for a purchase especially if it is pricey.

Atari has a lot to lose and a lot to prove. Most of this stuff works to the team’s advantage and gives the gamer community a positive look on their new product. The only thing we have to do now is to wait.

SoundCloud survives the almost closing of it’s doors

SoundCloud has been around for years and has many artists made a name using their platform. It has become the go to place to discover new music from upcoming artists. This year has been frightening for SoundCloud but according to them they are not going are not going anywhere for a long time.

Recently Soundcloud had to lay off 173 employees to and condensed down to two offices in New York and Berlin.

“In the competitive world of music streaming, we’ve spent the last several years growing our business, and more than double our revenue in the last 12 months alone,”  CEO of SoundCloud Alex Ljung said. “However, we need to ensure our path to long-term, independent success.”

Prior to the bankruptcy scare, businesses such as Twitter and Spotify had inquired about purchasing is but SoundCloud decided not to take that route for help.

The streaming service did a few things to generate revenue such as offering SoundCloud Go, SoundCloud’s version of a premium streaming subscription, for three months just for $1.

Chance the Rapper most notably came out to say he was going to help the struggling service.

After a phone call with the company, Chance confirmed that they are here to stay.

A statement from the SoundCloud CEO was released confirming this very information.

“There’s an insane amount of noise about SoundCloud in the world right now, and it’s just that, noise,” said Ljung. “The music you love on SoundCloud isn’t going away, the music you shared or uploaded isn’t going away because SoundCloud is not going away.”

In celebration of the revived music streaming service Chance the Rapper and Young Thug released a song exclusively on SoundCloud called “Big B’s”. You can join the celebration and listen to it here.

Jay-Z releases “4:44” short film

Jay-Z has had back to back announcements since the release of his album “4:44” and continues the make music headlines with the release of the short film for his album titled “4:44”.

Jay-Z, as mentioned before, has been making back to back headlines. He announced his North American tour dates which starting off on Oct. 27 in Anaheim, CA. He released the album for stream and purchase on Apple Music and Amazon, but not Spotify. He went Platinum in a week. His daughter, Blue Ivy, also has a feature as she raps over the track titled ‘Boomshakalaka”.


Jay-Z “4:44” album is his thirteenth solo album which generated so much attention after he addressed the cheating accusations from Beyonce’s Lemonade.  He also covers other topics such as financial wealth and his friendship with Kanye West.